Book Kits Discontinued

Just a note, after 6 years of offering kits to make the projects in my book, I am discontinuing the service.

Any current orders will be either completed or refunded. Sorry about this, just haven’t had enough time lately.

Remember the files are available online so you can download them for reference, check the Book section.

3 thoughts on “Book Kits Discontinued”

  1. Understandable mate, I’m just glad you’re atleast still doing videos for The Ben Heck Show as you’ve seemingly put podcasts on the backburner 🙂

  2. Well, come to a party 6 years late… I’m sorry to hear that especially since I had my order refunded. Probably should have ordered the kit first before securing the NES and PS1 screen. It wasn’t easy getting the book as it is out of print and prices on any you can find are astronomical. If anyone is interested in getting this book at a reasonable price, I found an ebook for $26.99 here:

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