7 thoughts on “See me at the Element14 booth Bay Area Maker Faire”

  1. Please sir. May we please have a podcast?

    The show is great… but I can’t listen to it on my drive to work… and it isn’t an hour long (the length of my drive to work).

    No big… but… you guys are funny. :p

    Best wishes.

  2. Hello, Ive been fllowing your element 14 videos, they are very interesting, however what is the point in building a cnc machine when you need a cnc machine to build it and what is the point of building a 3D printer when you need a 3D printer to build one, you might have expensive cnc machines and printers to do these things but the rest of us dont.

  3. Quick, turn that valve!
    *machine makes a lot of steam and a loud whistle*
    *snow cone falls out*
    …snow cone?

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