Buy my old PS2!

NOTE: Today, September 15th, is the last day of bidding – good luck!

Just a quick note, since it’s just taking up space I’m selling my old PS2. Check it out!

All proceeds go towards the “Ben’s Basement is a Little Bit Cleaner” Foundation, a for-profit organization that helps exactly one person throughout the world since 1975.

9 thoughts on “Buy my old PS2!”

  1. As far as the spelling goes…

    Opossum is correct, but possumus rolls of the tongue better. So we just roll with possum instead of “opossum” when referring to the movie.

    Believe me, I’m a bit of a grammar/spelling nazi (just ask Ben), but I’ve learned to live with it as time has gone on. LOL

    Not sure how Ben and Mike came up with the word “possumus” all those years ago (I wasn’t involved in those days). Perhaps one of them can enlighten us…

  2. funny how the only non modded console I’ve seen ben sell is getting basically no activity on ebay.

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