Podcast Episode 49

In this thrilling episode we have 2 main topics:

Topic 1 regards the balance between video game difficulty/length/price. 18 years ago (has it been that long?) we were paying $50 for a game that could be beat in half an hour. Now people think $15 for Castle Crashers or Braid is too much. New games now run $60, but cost 10 times as much to produce as $50 games did during the 16-bit era. At what point did the perception change?

"From the creators of SHAQ FU comes Steel Begins!"
It’ll happen. Just wait.

Topic 2 involves movies once again, specifically how the success of revived franchise Indiana Jones and rebooted franchise Batman will probably kill all creativity (what little there was left) in Hollywood for the next 10 years. Just this morning I read Fox is considering a “Daredevil” reboot, so it’s already begun. By 2010 every summer movie will probably involve superheroes, just watch. This of course brings us to a familiar topic of what old movies Hollywood should remake.


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12 thoughts on “ Podcast Episode 49”

  1. Aww man, I just finished collecting all of the podcasts from the site last night, reliving some of the funniest crap I have heard in years! And you are right Jones, you guys can crap out a Police Files Mario Squad or Video Pirates of the Caribbean like nobodies business! Anyways, looking forward to another Future Of Internet Piracy Christmas Future-fied episode!

  2. Now that filming is done on PM2:PW, what’s going on with the costume? I wouldn’t mind having the head on my mantle, like a hunting trophy, lol.

    As for movies that should be remade….Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. With modern compy material a remake of this old silent film could kick some serious rumpus! Of course, that’s another “if they do it right” ordeal. Knowing hollywood, it’d be done so wrong…old Fritz is gonna be spinning in his grave. If they were to make the movie, and hook a shaft to a generator what’s left of his feet underground; you’d be able to power a major city! ^_^

    Be sure to annouce the possumus movie party when (if) it comes up! I know I’ll do my darndest to be there! 🙂

  3. Awww…. I always wait until 14 days after your last podcast to start griping about a new podcast… but this time you didn’t give me a chance! JERK!

  4. They need to remake Gandhi. That was boring. A good start would be to cut out all that non-violent resistance crap and give the Indians nunchucks. And I’m thinking Miami would be a much better setting than dusty old India. And would it kill them to put some hot chicks in it?

  5. Oh and I’d like to see a reboot of transformers in a couple of years
    One thats actually about transformers and not totally suck until the last 20 minutes

  6. MMX has a great idea with Metropolis – however, the plot is so dated that the new movie would be far from the original, if it’s to make any sense. What we (if I may speak for us) really want to see is a new plot with the same look and feel of the original, including a sexy robot chick. As for other movies mentioned here, I have to agree that there’s very little originality. I want to see more movies written by Charlie Kaufman, or movies like Memento. But these are far and few between. We’re stuck with movies remade from stage shows remade from movies (The Producers)! That’s just nuts!

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