8 thoughts on “Buy my Portal Shirt on eBay for a Great Cause!”

  1. Ben! a great idea for a follow-up, version 2 of your Portal shirt… Leverage the components of a Nintendo 3DS, to create the illusion of depth through the portal.

  2. It is great that all proceeds are to benefit The AbleGamers Foundation, Inc.! It is great to see when projects like this ends up helping a great cause!

  3. Hi Ben, i’ve a question for you: i’ve see your laptop ps3 and it’s great, how can buy it???

  4. hello Ben hack your really great keep it up i am a Nigerian football i need an Xbox laptop how can i get it, i will love to use it…………………..

  5. Ben Heck Just tries to make money off of other people with his items or his sponsors…. He never shows people in detail of how to do things , but just shows off that he can

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