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After half a decade, a new site layout!

After 5 years of having the same theme, I’ve finally updated my site. I’m still putting in functionality, but here are some key new features:

  • Services section. The end goal is to have CNC and laser work be available to clients over the internet. So if you’ve got a project idea, we can help! I’m working on a very detailed tutorial to help you make the best files possible.
  • Store. Common items such as Controller Monitors and accessibility mods can be found here. Also possibly kits in the future.
  • Very comprehensive “Downloads” section. Free access to almost all of my classic designs and projects, right up to things as recent as “Lost” pinball.
  • Live Shop Cam via Ustream. If we’re broadcasting, you’ll see it on the homepage.

And as usual, the forums are available as well. Have fun and I hope to add even more features soon!


The Future of Videogames Part 5, 2009 Edition

It’s that time of year again! Time to listen to me ramble on about what I think will happen in the gaming industry. For this installment I mostly concentrate on new consoles since I feel this generation is already getting old, well the 360 and Wii at least. Other topics covered are the death of music games without a country savior, 3D games and the Microsoft Natal.

Here it is, enjoy!