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See me at Maker Faire New York

Steam powered snow cone maker, as seen at Maker Faire San Francisco

Be sure to visit my booth at the New York Maker Faire this coming weekend. There will be demonstrations of building the Xbox 360 laptop, as well as a main presentation. You could also have a chance of appearing on our show as we’ll be filming there as well.

Visit for more details!

Introducing The Ben Heck Show!

I’m finally able to talk about my next super secret project and you’re the first to hear! I have a new internet TV show called The Ben Heck Show, sponsored by element14 and the first episode will be available next Monday, 9/13.

I’ll be taking your requests for build ideas as well as working on one big project which you’ll soon find out about. has been kind enough to power my show with plenty of tools and components to get all of my builds off the ground, and I’ve been filming every step of the way.

Stay tuned to this space to learn how you can submit ideas for future builds through my upcoming community on launching 9/13 as well. You can register there to get a head start and I’ll let you know when my community page is live this coming Monday.