15 thoughts on “Check out my X-Play segment”

  1. Wow – over 200 portables made! I always wondered how many you’ve made so far, but I had no clue what range to guess in.

    That was an excellent video.

  2. Hi i’m planning on making a nice prtable game systome buy i need to no
    What type of case is good im only 11 so im not sure

  3. Wow, G4 did MUCH better than Spike TV did for the Gamehead interview a while back. They actually left some interview in the show!

  4. I have to agree with bicostp I liked G4’s segment about you better than Spike TV. I didn’t like how Spike broke up the interview to do reviews.

    This segment didn’t really peak my interest until they showed a screen with the PS3 logo on it which one can assume is for the PS3 portable but they didn’t talk about it 🙁

    Anyway, it was still a good interview 🙂

  5. Dude, you’re a star!

    Great interview, you’re very photogenic! Your workshop is so interesting, full of things from any game system, you shoul make your house a touristic attraction!

    By the way, I would like to play Bill Paxton Pinball!

  6. I’m friends with Bill Paxton’s son! (No joke, we go to the same School and are actually ‘friends’.)

  7. Cool. I’d like to point out that the Bill Paxton Pinball machine – should I ever get around to finishing it – is intended for my personal home/entertainment use and isn’t something I plan on selling, thus I am not concerned about how much copyrighted art/music/audio I use on it.

  8. I’m sure it goes without saying, but if you make Bill Paxton pinball does it say “Game over man, Game over!” after the last ball?

  9. Dude HOLY CRAP I just SHIT my pants.

    When I saw Verona I kinda shrugged it off and went “Meh.” then on a complete whim I decided to watch it.

    I friggen live in Verona, went to and graduated from Verona Area High School, and have all my friends in there. Insane as hell.

    It’s a small world after all, jeez.

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