6 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 40”

  1. Hey just thought I’d say after seeing your X-play Segment I am a BIG fan. I decided I am going to try this even though I don’t really have any experience and I am pretty young (under 18). I am goign to try to start with a NES portable and hopefully work my way up. YOU ROCK!!!!!!….I want a 360 Laptop *Hmph

  2. Good stuff. i have been AMD for the past two computers i have built but as you say, Itel is really upped the bar on their stuff. the next one i build will most likely by an Intel machine.

    Also you really missed a big section of PC gameing with no voice for the MMO community. that is a huge reason to PC game over console. i own a 360 but i also play MMO’s this means i need both platforms. to keep up with the latest MMO you need a pretty beefy system. not a blackbird mind you but something that is close to the high end. I also record music on my PC so this also requires it to be a little higher end. so i have a little more incentive then the avg person to have a good computer.

    also check out my music at:
    Don’t hate me for slipping my band in you forums. all of my stuff is free anyways…

  3. Don’t forget to consider the price of the large HDTV when figuring the cost of the console.

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