6 thoughts on “Benheck Podcast Episode 40”

  1. Hey just thought I’d say after seeing your X-play Segment I am a BIG fan. I decided I am going to try this even though I don’t really have any experience and I am pretty young (under 18). I am goign to try to start with a NES portable and hopefully work my way up. YOU ROCK!!!!!!….I want a 360 Laptop *Hmph

  2. Good stuff. i have been AMD for the past two computers i have built but as you say, Itel is really upped the bar on their stuff. the next one i build will most likely by an Intel machine.

    Also you really missed a big section of PC gameing with no voice for the MMO community. that is a huge reason to PC game over console. i own a 360 but i also play MMO’s this means i need both platforms. to keep up with the latest MMO you need a pretty beefy system. not a blackbird mind you but something that is close to the high end. I also record music on my PC so this also requires it to be a little higher end. so i have a little more incentive then the avg person to have a good computer.

    also check out my music at:
    Don’t hate me for slipping my band in you forums. all of my stuff is free anyways…

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