Check out my YouTube Channel!

Little did many of you know that I have a YouTube Channel! (OK, so maybe a lot of you did)

Anyways, lately I have been working on Bill Paxton Pinball, specifically the display, and posting new videos when I make advances / changes. Unlike my main site these updates are of all the progress, not just the finished project, so you can see me fail, change everything, experiment, etc. (I’ve already changed the display circuitry twice, since when I started, I had no idea how to make my own LED matrix!) Should be very encouraging to other modders out there! 🙂

Enjoy my YouTube channel! And don’t forget the Commodore 64 auction below!

10 thoughts on “Check out my YouTube Channel!”

  1. That’s really cool. I suppose building it all from scratch like that would allow you to make a non-rectangular display. That’d be different!

  2. May have already said I’m curious to see how this thing shapes up! Bill Paxton rules. 🙂

    So do Stompers. I think I still have mine. 🙂

  3. best and most hardcore project ever. glad to see you actually working on it!

  4. Some of the best parts of observing a modder’s/builder’s work is seeing the changes that are made along the way. It makes the build process more interesting, in my opinion. I’m glad you are finally uploading more stuff to YouTube – that’s an easy way to get even more viewership.

  5. I really had no idea how badly those nerdy children want to buy/make an xbox laptop… Those channel comments gave me a good, hearty laugh.

    Anywho, paxton pinball is looking awesome and I really like following your work as it progresses!

  6. YouTube is easy now… I just use the video mode of the Sony digital camera I bought during Circuit City’s demise, then slap it onto the internet via the Memory Stick reader.

    Yes I want people to know that I don’t have magical wizard powers – I go through as many changes and false starts as anyone, but usually I just post the finished product.

    For instance, I already fried a Propeller (well, damaged it) New one is coming, sound is next. Already got music running off SD using a library, trick is working that into my code, managing COGS, and getting sound clips (voice) to run at the same time.

  7. A prop? Really? Seems like an overly fast chip just to handle your LED matrix. So, 512 LED’s, say you want to strobe them at 60Hz, that’s… 30,720 LEDs a second, basically (which makes sense for the BASIC stamp, since they only carry out something like 11,000 instructions per second). Seems like a PIC18F could do the same thing for about a fourth of the price for a chip.

    But then again, some people don’t like writing C or Assembly, so whatever. Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

  8. Ahh, okay, if the Prop is controlling everything, then I can see how the multi-core…ness…of it all could be very beneficial.

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