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Check out my YouTube Channel!

Little did many of you know that I have a YouTube Channel! (OK, so maybe a lot of you did)

Anyways, lately I have been working on Bill Paxton Pinball, specifically the display, and posting new videos when I make advances / changes. Unlike my main site these updates are of all the progress, not just the finished project, so you can see me fail, change everything, experiment, etc. (I’ve already changed the display circuitry twice, since when I started, I had no idea how to make my own LED matrix!) Should be very encouraging to other modders out there! 🙂

Enjoy my YouTube channel! And don’t forget the Commodore 64 auction below!

Controller monitor built for Infinity Ward game testing

Here’s something done several months ago but just now showing up on the site – a response time test controller built for use by Infinity Ward for a new game they are working on.

Includes world’s most colorful ribbon cable!

The idea behind this project was to build a system which shows the pressing of the buttons in a very obvious manner, in this case LED’s. The controller wiring is piggy-backed, and an extension port added to the bottom of it. This then connects to the main lightboard, indicating exactly when buttons are pushed.

The intent is that this is filmed for testing purposes to help identify the gap between when users are pressing buttons and when onscreen actions actually occur.

If you think something like this might be of use to your company, or have a similar idea, why not drop me a line?

For making-of info, sample videos and pics of the unit being tested, check out the rest of the story below. To read the original article that inspired the customer to have me create this, click here.

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