Commodore 64 laptop fetches $6,000 for Child’s Play

The Commodore 64 auction has ended with a winning bid of $6000. This amount will be donated to the Child’s Play charity on behalf of Mike Troxel, whose idea this auction was in the first place.

Thank you Mike and our mystery buyer, I’m sure the money will be well spent for those in need!

8 thoughts on “Commodore 64 laptop fetches $6,000 for Child’s Play”

  1. congratulations to the mystery buyer… To bad his bid was too high for me otherwise I would be the lucky winner of this silent auction. I hope this unique c64 laptop will get a good home.

  2. Wow. $6,000 bucks.

    I’ll just cross my fingers that someone REALLY liked this particular charity, and didn’t actually want the laptop that bad.

    You should just auction ALL your stuff Ben. I can’t imagine you sold the first one of these for six thousand dollars.

  3. That has to feel good – something you built with your hands fetched that high of a price and it benefited an awesome charity.

  4. Blown away by the price it fetched – that it went to a worthy cause is icing on the cake. You know what I’m thinking? SNES and Genesis laptops!

  5. This was a cool looking unit, and maybe enough inspiration for me to design something similar. Would love to see it with everything there plus implementation of a real IEC port to hook up a printer/disc drive. That would be perfect. It did support real carts right? I’d stick some kind of disc accelerator on that baby.

  6. I have one thats still in plastic, in the box, with all paperwork, and programs……real cool looking unit!!
    Open to offers…… alaivablle upon request.

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