Taking on new work August 10th

Greeting from Wisconsin! Just letting everone know that my “break period” is almost over and I’ll resume what I normally do (projects by request) on August 10th.

I’ve made a lot of progress during this time on the Bill Paxton Pinball machine, you can follow my progress on that via my YouTube channel. Since I don’t usually show incomplete projects on this site, that’s the best way to keep up with the progress.

2 thoughts on “Taking on new work August 10th”

  1. I love that you’ve been posting you work on youtube. Love watching the projects come together as it happens, although, I still love the work logs included with the completed projects.

  2. I totally agree with Handalaan. I understand why you don’t like to show incomplete stuff on the website, but anyone who’s already a fan of this page should definitely check out the youtube channel.

    Neat stuff.

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