Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop Revision 2 For Charity!

Here is the latest Commodore 64 original hardware laptop, “Revision 2”. Thanks to the generosity of the person requesting this build, this particular unit will be up for auction with proceeds benefiting charity.

The current plan is to have a “silent auction” where people send us their bids, and then the proceeds go to Child’s Play. We will start this auction on Monday July 6th after the holiday week. Bids should start at $1000 US.

It is very similar to the first C64 laptop I built, with the key difference being it uses the newer 1541-III Ultimate SD-card based storage solution / disk emulator. USB and Ethernet ports for this device are open and available on the front of the unit.

Additionally, we’d like to thank Reed at for finding us the refurbished keyboard and special RevE 64C motherboards – you can check out his site by clicking here.

More details on the auction as they become available – in the meantime click below to see more pictures and video. Enoy…

Inside of the unit. It was kind of a pain wiring the expansion slot to plug into the 1541 board, mostly because there are so many pins and folding the ribbon cable that closely was tricky. As before there are dual speakers, it’s mono output but it gives a “fuller” sound. All the IC’s have been heat sinked just in case.

Unit running the 1541 menu. It’s a lot easier now to browse images and load them up, and you can return to this menu at any time by clicking the 1541 menu buttons (just below the function keys).

The USB, SD card and Ethernet ports of the 1541.

Physical layout is almost identical to the previous model, the function keys are different, there’s no small LCD screen and the 1541 menu buttons have been added.

Top down view.

C64 loading Power Drift, which is a fairly decent conversion of the arcade game.

Unit closed, with traitor Atari joystick plugged in. Unit is the same thickness as the previous model.

Finally, a video showing the amazing C64 rev 2 being rotated around on my desk – amazing!

Again we’ll have more information on the auction once we nail down the details but yes, it’ll be a chance for some lucky C64 fan to own this unit and help a good cause in the process. Stay tuned!

41 thoughts on “Commodore 64 Original Hardware Laptop Revision 2 For Charity!”

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  2. alter was geht mit dem kack teil. is dat jetzt verkauft oder nich. was hat das teil gebarach?

    sieht voll komisch aus . was soll das sein? ne waffe? wenn man mit dem lap top on bahn sitzt lachen sich die laute ja kaputt? dann kann man das teil den leuten in die fresse hauen…. lol

    was n kackteil

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  4. would love to see this mass produced maybe sell design to commodore ya never know you might just put dell and acer out of business lol

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