New Xbox 360 Portable Revision 5

Click image for super-sized, suitable for framing version.

A few months ago I announced that I would be building a few more Xbox 360 portables, and well, here’s one now! While it looks similar to the previous model it’s once again a from-scratch redesign and has the following features:

  • Built-in Ethernet port, finally.
  • Built-in WiFi adapter, as usual.
  • Digital pushbutton volume control rather than a clunky knob. I used a different audio amp as well, and it sounds a lot better.
  • Flush-mount DVD door and side panels (such as the memory card slots)
  • IR sensor for the remote control.
  • Two user USB ports.
  • More air holes!
  • Jasper motherboard.

For more pictures, info and a demo video, click below. Both of these new units are spoken for (commission) but later this summer, after I take a break, I will probably be taking on new work so stay tuned!

Here’s the unit open. The internal layout is almost identical to the previous model, though now there’s a better bracket to hold the fans, the hard drive connector is aligned via the case, and the DVD door is thick like the side of the case but sits flush inside it. Again the heat sink are supplemented with copper – the wonder metal that works wonders.

Testing the unit using Street Fighter 4. This is a good game for that because you can set the computer to just fight itself, over and over, so the system is doing something without any input.

The fabled Ethernet port. Strangely Menards is the best place to find Ethernet ports, they have a wall-jack unit you can get for like 5 bucks. A regular cable plugs into the Xbox motherboard, then is wired to this plug. Some plugs and jacks have internal circuitry, which we don’t want, so this is the simplest solution.

DVD drive open with the flush-mount door. Actually my friend Dave Campbell saw this while I was working on it and said “Why not make the DVD door flush?” and I said “Say, that’s a good idea!” and so it was. I guess I owe him a can of pop or something now.

Side view of unit. The memory card ports and vent are similar to the last model, though now this plate is flush with the side of the unit.

Unit with lid closed. The screws to hold the lid together are now on the inside and countersunk, much like a normal laptop.

LCD controls. Once again I’ve used the Gateway 1775W widescreen 17″ monitor. It has DVI in, which is pin compatible with the 360’s HDMI, and the resolution is exactly 1280×720, unlike most computer monitors.

Come to think of it, this is the only white-colored Xbox 360 laptop I’ve built since the original.

A short video of the unit in action.

Fun bonus: For your modding/experimentation/design pleasure, here are the mechanical layouts for some of my older Xbox 360 portable projects. Rquires AI version 10 or newer, enjoy.

Revision 1 (Original)

Revision 2 (Second, obviously)

Revision 3 (Halo inspired)

250 thoughts on “New Xbox 360 Portable Revision 5”

  1. Nice, just as I fix mine with Toothpaste, old fans, random screws and about 0.8l of my blood.

  2. Have you ever considered selling these? I’m sure people have made offers. If you were to (if you haven’t already) how much do you imagine you’d charge for the rev5 style model?

  3. You should get rid off the whole laptop scheme and just make into a tablet. I know the whole touch thing will be kinda hard but if you can do it. If not just get rid of the same old laptop design. Keep the buttons and the drive on the top the monitor or the sides of the monitor. Maybe you can create a stand for it if you like… Just some ideas…

  4. Pretty cool, I like this one because it white and did you use brushed aluminum again i cant tell but it looks like it. Im thinking of making my own but with the cedit crunch money hard to get. i think you should try and make one with a battery so it well be a 100% portable (that will be a nice challenge for you) and mabye a white and gold one that would look awsome.

  5. To all the people who ask how much these cost, Ben’s answer is generally “about as much as a used car.”

    In other words… “if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

    Their appeal never made sense to me anyway. More power to Ben for making his house payment with them, but… meh.

  6. Nice work Ben…

    One question though, Do you fabricate the plastics your self or do you out-source?

    looks quite solid…

  7. I was wondering if you thought it would be possible to mod a Geforce video card to be external. So it can be switched from one computer to another with ease.

  8. I’m interested in the digital audio control – any useful tips or links you could provide for that? I’m building my own audio amp for my next portable and I don’t really want to use a knob or a slider.

  9. why do you keep wasting your time on these i dont see how they are cool they look like shit and who wants to play on a tiny screen everyone of these pieces of shit look the same OH WOW A XBOX 360 LAPTOP its a piece of shit get over yourself ben hack

  10. I was just wondering what kind of customers do you get if the xbox 360 laptops cost about 5 grand a

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  12. This is sweet! Where to go to buy one and how much are they? Is there a link?

    Thanks for your time –

  13. i really think you should make one that is battery powwered if you did i would totally try to get one i would use it on air planes and stuff….

  14. So if this guy can make these, why doesn’t Microsoft allow him to produce them? Irregardless of what a lot of people think; a lot of people would purchase this at the price of a high-grade laptop. It doesn’t matter what the older people think, the kids would adore this and take it everywhere! On the other hand, it needs a battery pack for portability if not already done. And… can the average public make one? An actual hand-held portable would be dumb, but this has a larger screen, and it’s right in front of you. The PSP is overpriced, but sells like hotcakes; this would go faster because it’s xbox, and xbox rules! MsBritt810

  15. Man great job on these! I had this idea once to create a laptop that was also a PS3 or XBOX360. I wanted to make it a dual boot system that people could use for work or play. I think this is the next generation of gaming. I can see kids and adults pulling once of these out on a jet and playing a quick game of Madden. You just need the headphone jacks for the sounds. If the HDMI is available still you can still hook up to your HDTV when home and play on the bigger screen. I’d love to go into business with you on this idea. You have yourself a potential goldmine. Email if interested.

  16. hey, you are so great and intelligent. i recommend you to go to an enterprise an talk about business and make your own store! you can be a millonarie if you want to…

  17. im curious, are any of these 360 laptop’s dvd drives flashed so backups can be used?

  18. So, is there a How 2 on this or somethin? How much might one cost to build/buy if based off the old version of the Xbox Elite?

  19. It’s freaking flash that model bro, i wish u can get an offer from any company to put that on the stores in da future.

    Gud lak papi

  20. ben how much do you charge to build an xbox 360 like that im really interested!!!!

  21. Ben Well but that the product be sold? because if you’re selling I compr now: D

  22. I have to ask. Why not sell your design to DELL or Microsoft? I am shocked that Microsoft had not even thought about a portable system like the last one you just designed.

    Look I am really interested in one and wondered if I paid you for a custom Pittsburgh Steelers Designed Xbox 360 Laptop would you be interested?

    Or do you know someone as competent as yourself you would recommend me too?

  23. has the full list of Fallout 3 Achievements. Kinda of spoilerish, but if you are indeed curious hop in into the achievement train.

  24. Hey Ben. I think what you are doing with these laptops are great. I have always had trouble moving my 360 from one place to another. How much would you be willing to sell on of these laptops for?


  25. Again I worship you

    I would love so much t have a 360-laptop and a ps3-laptop

    did you study something to be able to do these things?

  26. Are you selling it and is it ever going to be sold in stores. If your selling it how much are you selling it for

  27. im just wonderin how much do you want for that portable 360? because i really wish i could get one so badly, so if you are willing to sale that 360 how much do would you want for it? can u send me an email an let me know,

  28. Are you going to make a detailed “making of” for this revision?. Following the “how to”s for the first 3 would be alright till I reach the part of taking apart the motherboard. I didn’t take it apart yet, but it is a Jasper. Would there be a difference?

    Also, has any of them ever “RRoD”ed on you?

  29. I am wondering the same as others here, how much for one? Can i send an Xbox 360 console to be gutted out and used for one? Name the price please!!!!

  30. I want one please let me have one it’s so cool!!!!! I’m begging email me at I must have it it’s so cool or you can have a sweepstakes!!!!!! I must have one though it’s the coolest xbox I have seen since the elite… I also don’t have a xbox!!!!!!! I have a stupid ps3!!!!! The ps3 is boring but the xbox laptop is relly cool I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can even pay!!!!!!!!!!!! I just must have it that is awsome so remember to email me at!!!!!!!! I must have it I rate it five stars every time I watch it so email me as soon as posible!!!!!!!!! I want that xbox laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so asome so here is my email one more time!!!!!!!!! I just must have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is so cool I am your biggest fan I just realy want it it Is asome so cool so one last time to email me my email is that is so awsome I’ll do anything that is so cool!!!!!!!!! Your xbox is the coolest I want it so one more time my email is so email me because I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. how much are they! i have to have one it so cool and my xbox live is being dome and i all ways have to go some where and i never get to play it that wouald be sooooooo cooooolllll if i get one ireally need one!

  32. Hello Ben! I was thinking if you put the hard drive like in the second and third xbox laptop generacion, you can have (with a few changes) a (small) space to put a battery and that will make the xbox laptop really portable.

    Think about it….

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  35. are these for real and if so are u willing tomake and sell to people let me know in the email thank you

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