Completely Different-Looking Atari VCSp Revision 5 Prototype Constructed, Held Together By Rubber Bands

Fueled with enthusiasm after the very cool Rev 4, I built Rev 5, a completely redesigned VCSp. It’s just a prototype (hence the rubber bands) but it’s new, fresh and exciting, and I wanted to share it with the world!

Oh, and something else. There’s a very good chance that I can sell these Rev 5 units for well under $200 (with trade-in of a 2600). And that’s the same hi-res screen as the Rev 4. So keep your fingers crossed! I know I have been delaying the official ‘for sale’ status of these units, that’s because I want to have the best unit possible to sell, both in quality and price.

Surf the information superhighway over to the Research & D section to take a look at it. I’d really like your input on this new design, so I can gauge if it’s worth pursuing. Thanks!

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