Atari VCSp Rev 5 Completed, More On The Way

The nagging kinks of the Rev 5 have all been worked out! Plus, after numerous requests, I have added a SECOND PLAYER JOYSTICK PORT! Yippee! This unit kicks major butt, head on over to Research & D to see the completed form!

ALSO! I am building SIX more of these things all at once. Three of the six have already been ‘claimed’, but the other 3 are not yet sold.

I have to get some more screens before I finish the other 3, which may take a week or so. For the moment, I am still having to buy them full price at Best Buy, so the ‘under $200’ goal hasn’t happened yet. Soon I hope.

So, for the remaining 3. In about a week, I will take requests to purchase them. Keep checking for announcements. I’m working to get this up to full steam ahead production, but until then I can only offer a few at a time. Thanks!

If you’d like to claim one before then, please make me an offer.

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