First Resin Tests / Phoenix Blog to be Updated Daily

The Phoenix project is in its final critical stages… If all goes well then by this weekend I should be able to say “It is time” (just like Arnold) and start taking orders!

During these final stages the Phoenix Blog will be updated daily (or even more often) with the current progress.

Also I’m thinking about not limited myself to making 100 Phoenix but rather as many as people want. Over the years the request-to-sales ratio of portables has been at least 10 to 1, which in a business sense makes one wonder what is wrong with me! I did some estimates and I think I should be able to crank out 10 a week once I get going. Again this speed would depend on people trading in / finding the Atari(s) for me. And if a buyer took apart the Atari themselves and just sent me the motherboard that’d be even better! (And less for shipping) What do you, the reader, think?

To answer a FAQ I’ve been getting – the Phoenix will not be available in kit form. If you’d like to build your own portable then my book is the way to go.

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