Resin Phoenix Case Cast (Pretty much successfully)

Here it is:

It's ALIVE!!!!!
The paddle and volume knobs are still drying as of this photograph. Rest assured they are silver.

I’ve installed the screen, plates and the PCB as you can see but haven’t attached the back or an Atari yet (as I am out of Ataris right now – more coming!) There’s a resulting texture from an anomaly in the mold that actually looks really neat when painted flat black but for the other color schemes I think the case should be smooth. So I’ll probably be making another set of molds next week, and I’ll make a new proto case piece for it that will address some issues with this one (such as the walls being WAY thicker than they need to be!)

This way people can choose texture or non-texture as well as color. Having 2 sets of molds will also prolong their lives and allow me to make the cases faster. (As I think this standard style as shown will be 50% of the orders) There’s a few kinks here and there I need to tweak but the bottom line is it worked.

And since it worked that means the Phoenix Project 2005 is a FULL ON GO! (Yahoo!) At the moment I have enough parts to build 2 more right away (the first one was reserved) So if you’d like one and can get an Atari 2600 4-switch my way quickly, let me know! By the end of next week I should have the “official” ordering system set up as well.

Once I sell these first few I’ll have some capital to order tons of circuit boards, screens and all the other materials to really get the ball rolling!

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