Forum update in progress – DONE

The forums have now finally been updated to phpBB3. They’ll need some reskinning and “ad-dification” on my part, but they’re up and running.

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Forum update in progress – DONE”

  1. Speaking of CHANGE, the House just defeated the DTV switchover delay!

    Good for them! Because guess what, being able to watch TV isn’t in the Bill of Rights, and if you can’t afford a $45 box you’ve been warned about for years (far cheaper than cable or a new TV) then you have bigger problems than missing Wheel of Fortune.

  2. Yep finally. My Grandparents bought converter boxes like 2 years ago. I have one for the garage TV outside. Well Ben you can get coupons from the US government for $40 off the converter box. I bought my converter box for $40 even so I only had sales tax to pay.

  3. Ben, the forum went down again after the update went up. Came back with

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in /home/possumus/public_html/forum/cache/tpl_subsilver2_overall_header.html.php on line 141

  4. Being able to watch television may not be in the bill of rights, but a private corporation being able to choose the format (analog or digital) in which they choose to broadcast their signal would certainly be represented by an implication of the Bill of Rights, and our wonderful congress has taken that right away from the networks. It’s a law. The commercials even say it like that. “It’s a LAW!”

    Something that has worked just fine for 50 years is being replaced by something that doesn’t represent an increase in quality, but does require consumerism.

    This forced conversion is garbage. I’m shocked you’re in favor of it Ben.

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