Xbox 360 combo at Circuit City for a Great Price!

Still sitting on the fence about getting an Xbox 360? Rumors in the press got you down? Well consider this:

What a bargain!

As we all know, Circuit City is going under. This is very sad for me as I always preferred them over Best Buy. But as James Earl Jones said in the Lion King “everything is a circle of life”… or whatever. Find opportunity in despair!

Right now Circuit City has 10% off on game systems and 30% off accessories. This means you can get an Arcade console for $180 and a 60 gig add-on hard drive for $70… a total of $250. Equivalent to the $300 Xbox in functionality, yet the same price as the Wii.

Of course the $300 Xbox would now be $270, but keep in mind with the Arcade you still have a much better chance of it being a Jasper, also the hard drive add-on comes with 3 months of Xbox Live as well!

If you need an Xbox and there’s a Circuit City close to you this deal is really too good to pass up. Also, strangely enough, our Circuit City has been getting NEW stock in yet, including a whole pile of Jasper 360’s, the newest lot number I’ve seen yet in fact (0850X) So why not check it out?

For information on how to spot a Jasper Xbox 360 in the wild, see this page. Happy hunting!

NOTE: It’s even cheaper now, 20% off minimum.

4 thoughts on “Xbox 360 combo at Circuit City for a Great Price!”

  1. I did this same combo, and did it through Dell (sale’s still going on), and got mine for $260 before tax and free shipping. Got a nice shiny Jasper console, and plugged it up for the first time last night.

  2. That’s really weird. My circuit city only had 10% off accessories and games. Why is this?

  3. @kylechu

    Ours still has 30% off accessories, but they changed the games from 20% to 10% this past week for some reason. Maybe they made a mistake the first weekend putting them at 20%. Glad I took advantage with Fable 2 and Mercenaries 2 at that point!

  4. Was at my local CC the other day, they’re completely cleaned out. Good luck even finding a 360 at one.

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