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  1. interesting video.. but… speakers? are they the retail product you’re working on? :O they need more purple 😛

  2. Awesome…buuuut…I won’t lie…I expected more out of that and the guy interviewing you didn’t look like he cared one bit.

    Also, speakers? That is something I NEVER expected you to do, but, you agreed to it which means it must be good for some reason.

    Nice Job!

  3. My only problem with shows like this is that they’re made for people with attention deficit disorder. I don’t know how long you guys talked, but it seemed as if your segment was chopped up quite a bit to the point where you didn’t even get a chance to talk much about the headphones you were showcasing. I wish we could see a longer version of the interview. The product description on e-Dimensional gives a much more detailed overview of the product. The edited interview doesn’t even mention the microphone.

    Speaking of which, I’m delighted to see that I was very close in guessing the retail product. I had guessed that it was a headset and microphone made specifically for PS3.

  4. The headset works on the PS3 but is intended for computers. The PS3, like the 360, doesn’t shut off main TV audio when you use a headset, whereas all audio, chat and game, goes into headsets when playing on PC.

    The host was actually the one who wanted me to come on the show, Ness.

    With the retakes and such I can’t say exactly, but we probably did about 15 minutes of interview in all.

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