How to Get Famous

 I was working on my presentation for the Midwest Gaming Classic, which I’m calling “Diary of an Internet Celebrity”, and I came across this old tidbit: Mailbag

Read through it and see what you can find. This is the first time I mentioned the Atari project to the internet, and thus this simple mailbag entry “started it all”. Look for more fun behind-the-scenes stories like this during my presentation at the Midwest Gaming Classic!

6 thoughts on “How to Get Famous”

  1. ahh i just saw an option to digg your posts. Honestly Benjamin, your selling out 😛

  2. Hey Ben,

    You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but don’t get sucked into believing your own hype. Fame sucks. Anyone would have a hard time naming 1/2 dozen celebs off the top of their heads without including a drug addict or miserable person. Just do what you do like you do it and enjoy your family.

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