Ghost Town Documentary “Echoes of the Past”

This week I am heading out to film our long-planned documentary on a haunted ghost town someplace in the Midwest. We’re calling it “Echoes of the Past”, with a subtitle being the location we’re visiting (name to be released after we’re done filming)

As far as my involvement, I am co-director, director of photography and I also came up with the basic outline for the piece. The shoot runs Thursday through Sunday, editing will take place this fall.

The target is a 1-2 hour documentary filled with interviews, history of the town and a finale involving an all-night stay in the allegedly haunted ruins of the town and nearby graveyard. We’re rolling about 7 cameras for that so we should get good coverage. While not specifically a “ghost hunting” type of thing, we’re bring temperature meters, infrared flashlights and various recording equipment.

Look for a trailer to be released in the weeks following the shoot (second half of August), probably around the same time I finish my long delayed, super-complex “uber-portable”

For more information and podcasts, or if you’re interested in possibly taking a look at or picking up the final product for release, please visit the One Man Down Productions website.

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