Port Washington DVD’s

I am burning and selling a small batch of Port Washington DVD’s. If you liked the film why not donate some money and get a swell boxed copy of your very own? Play it on your big screen TV / home theatre system, not a MP4 compression-o-matic computer version. (Though those are available)

It’s a 2 disc set that contains the movie, 2 audio commentaries, text commentary, behind the scenes, bloopers and outtakes, “making of” special effects deconstruction, storyboard-to-sequence comparisons, pre-production and more! Includes full color case labeling so it’ll look swell in your collection.

For the bargain price of $20 US, including shipping! (to aforementioned US) Wow, you can’t really beat that. Well, you can, perhaps with a big stick, but oh well. Anyway, if interested simply click below – thanks!

Oh yeah. Hook me up with that Port Washington DVD action. Yeah.  


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