Greetings, those of you who saw this stuff in Maxim Magazine!

Apparently the article about my stuff has landed in Maxim so there may be some curious people stopping by. Welcome! Here’s some useful links for interesting things around this site: “Hacking Videogame Consoles – The Book” sub-site

Forums – Where you can discuss hacking, modding and rhubarb recipes

Phoenix 2600 portable console – Buy a pre-built Atari 2600 compatible portable! (Uses original Atari guts)

I know it’s been a bit shy on updates around here but I have been working on stuff. Namely Neo Geo consoles and portables, but I have also finally finished my half-lifelong (as in since I was 15) dream project – a full sized Neo Geo 6 slot arcade machine! Hopefully I can get the “Making Of” for it online later today!

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