Neo Geo MVS Console System

Alright I finished the case for my Neo Geo MVS console!

Shown here next to a PS2 so you can judge the size. It’s about 8.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″ The MVS (arcade) cartridge plugs in the top, and there’s 2 player ports on the front, along with “Insert Coin” buttons (quite the savings over quarters) I used a nice big rocker switch for power, because it’s circular and I like circles.

The case has brushed aluminum top plates and black sides. An acrylic “Neo Geo” logo panel and power switch festoons the front, while a slightly raised acrylic portion surrounds the cartridge.

3 thoughts on “Neo Geo MVS Console System”

  1. Interesting. You’ve managed to make the holy grail of consoles to something new. You’ve added “Insert Coins” buttons and a big rocker switch. I wonder how a game is like when you play this console. This is so innovative.

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