How To Build Your Own PS360 Controller

Yes that’s right – no longer will a person need to send me an email asking for this mod, only to have it unanswered! For I have now written a How-To on the process:

Click here for the Engadget How-To Article

I documented the process while I was building the second one of these and now the juicy info can be yours! (Includes copious amounts of photographs and arrows pointing at things.) Again I would like to be able to build these for any and everyone who asks, but time will not allow.

19 thoughts on “How To Build Your Own PS360 Controller”

  1. AWESOME! Please publish ASAP! I want to do the same thing. I love the 360 controller.

  2. Nice, Although wil it stop anyone asking for a 360 Controller in a PS3 case? (If there are any)

  3. AWESOME! THANK YOU for posting this, Ben! πŸ™‚ You’ve officially made my day, lol. πŸ˜€

  4. Why Sony didn’t make their controllers better in the first place is beyond me: I mean, thay have had the same controllers (with minor and insignificant changes) for how long now? Seriously, if the fans of the system hate the controllers so much to be able to want to make one of these, that’s saying something about the design teams at Sony.

  5. The Dual Shock has NEVER been comfortable for me to hold. That’s why I didn’t play my PSX much, nor did I get a PS2 until just recently. I just can’t stand the thing. The only third party controllers that were actually comfortable to me were crappy in function, so I was always stuck using the official ones. When they first showed the boomerang controller, I was happy! Something at least SLIGHTLY different that may just be comfortable in my hands. But no, people complained and said it looked stupid, so they went back to the old design. ARGH!

    Sorry… felt the need to rant. I feel better now.

  6. I want the opposite, a 360 controller in a ps3 case, and i would be willing to do a full special order for it, because the ps controllers are all i can comfortably use with my condition.

  7. Why don´t you build an XBOX 360(TM) Controller in an SIXAXIS(TM)-Case? It would be AWESOME(TM)!

    XBOX 360 is a registred Trademark of Microsoft. SIXAXIS is an registred Trademark of Sony Computers Entertainment. AWESOME is an registred Trademark of Benjamin J. Hekendorn.

  8. Dude. i sooooooooo want one. i hope you read this. this is ahron if u remember me.

  9. Hey, what is the possibility of making an Xbox type-s controller work on a ps2 AND make the analog triggers work, specifically to make them take over the X and square buttons to use on racing games. GT4 and a type-s controller would be heaven.

    I know there are already adapters that allow you to use the type-s on ps2, but you lose the analog triggers. They get treated as digital buttons and it sucks. Plus more racing games use the X and square buttons as gas and brake, so even if you could get the triggers back to analog the adapter maps them to l1 and r1.

    If the price would be around $100 or so I would snap one up.

  10. Hey pretty sweet geez !

    Can you please look into something for me ?
    I have found from looking at the various diffent Xbox360 dvd drives that the hd-dvd add on is built to fit the xbox console.

    Is it possible to rip out the hd-dvd drive and pop it into the console ???

    Create what ever drivers and crap, then you’ll have a xbox with built in hd-dvd !

    Please email me back if this is possible ! Thanks your great !

  11. hey could you please send me some instructions or info on how to make a psx portable? i’m Stuck :$

  12. Anyone out there using this write up to make and sell these controllers? I would not even attempt this but if you can I can help you sell them!!

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