12 thoughts on “Podcast Episode 18 – Vista Day”

  1. It’s Cuttle, as in fish, not cuddle. They stopped making them, I think about 204 were made. eBay might have them. It’s a pretty cool gizmo, but was $100 new so is probably more now.

  2. Theres an Arcade down the street from my dorm. It’s called Einstein’s Arcade. I stop by every now and then and pop some quarters into the Neo Geo machines. I think the main reason is because no one wants to get up and “go” somewhere to play games. They just want to be lazy and sit in front of there TV and eat Cheetos.

  3. what, no one said hasta la vista? theres an arcade near where i live and its got my two favorite boards too. the neo geo ones and naomi, but as much as i like metal slug 1 euro a credit is not worth it, spain is way expensive

  4. superwaffleninja, who are you to say that? It is only accepted if Jones or Ben say it otherwise me and ecksem will keep on complaining.

  5. Actually the last line WAS going to be “Hasta La Vista” but since the narrator says “Terminator 4: Vista Day” right before it it woulda been 2 Vistas in a row.

    But maybe the Vista Service Pack 2 machine “will be back!”

  6. I actually installed Ultimate on my lappy the other day. Pretty slow bootup time, & lags things down a bit. I’ll have to disable like half of the un-needed services before it’ll be working good.

  7. Funny, but I was thinking it was Cuttle Cart (as in the fish, not cuddling) when you were talking about it. Interesting side note on that device is that it was a license of some of the tech involved in the Starpath Supercharger from a group called Bridgestone Multimedia. The guy did only make 204, but what is more interesting is that Bridgestone is responsible for such titles as “Captain Bible in Dome of Darkness”. Funny how intellectual property works sometimes. I guess the license with Bridgestone is up, so no more Cuttles.

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