I Hope They Make Mods in Hell

Click here for a close-up of the wand

It has come to my attention that the Tucker Max movie “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” has come out. Last year I was approached by that movie’s prop department to come up with a “highly customized Xbox 360 controller for a game-obsessed character.”

Above you can see the result. It didn’t have to actually function but I insisted it did. I actually built 2 of them since movies always have backup props (well, mine don’t). The idea was the controller had a lot of “business” potential – that is to say the character could move around it with and act out functions in an overstated manner.

Having not seen the movie, my question is “Did it make it into the final cut?” Please let me know, I am curious!

The “pitch drawing” I sent them to get the gig.

Fun fact: the cost of these props exceed that of Possumus Woman’s entire budget.

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  1. it actually did make it into the final cut. It is in the character’s apartment, and he actually makes mention of it later in the movie. He was beaten by a stripper at Halo, but only because he didn’t have his special controller.

  2. I saw the movie and I don’t believe they used your controllers. I think they just used some generic looking controllers. Of course I could be wrong, in the scene the male character was playing a game against a stripper… so my eyes were mainly concentrated elsewhere 🙂

  3. sorry, it didn’t make the cut. he doesn’t get to use his own controller, but his customized controller is mentioned.

  4. A post here, Destructoid (with IHTSBIH ads on the side of that site) and on the movie’s YouTube site all on the same day… obviously this is an orchestrated push for some viral marketing. Interesting…

  5. No Mack, just a coincidence. Someone told me the movie was out and I thought “Hey, I should talk about my controller!”

    It was a while ago that I did this, July of ’08 I believe.

  6. Ben the one thing you didn’t mention in this whole story is the actual playability of the controller. How well does it play? Did you find it kind of clunky or was it this side of awesome?

  7. Reminds me of the two controller Goldeneye controller config.

    It’s disconcerting at first to play a game without both hands grasping one centralized item, but it was super crazy bad ass when you got used to it (the Goldeneye thing… I’ve never used Ben’s custom).

    I used to read Tucker Max’s blog (I couldn’t believe it when I started seeing commercials for a movie), and his stuff is funny. I have zero interest in seeing the movie… but it probably doesn’t suck.

  8. Harlequin it was pretty similar to a normal controller, though I think you had to hit the LB RB with the sides of your thumbs.

    They removed the cable? Sigh. Such is life. Oh well!

    …prop for movie…. Check! Now just gotta go into outer space, start a country rock band and do a voice over for an animated movie.

  9. It def did make it in the movie. Its seen in the beginning. You can see the scene on the official “I hope they serve beer in hell” youtube page. The youtube name is beerinhell. Awsome controller!!! Have your book on making portable videogame systems love it.

  10. Im in england and have just seen the pad in the film and I WANT scratch that I NEED one for battlefield bad company ^_^

  11. nice sticks would love to find a pair. saw them in the movie and had to find out were they came from and how to get a pair.

  12. i no this is a stupid question but i really want to buy this controller!!!!! anyone no if anyone else makes and sells anything similar to this mod?

  13. All these ppl must have only seen the movie once lmao. I’m a huge fan of tuckermax and his book and his movie as well. Yes, these ppl were correct when they said the controller was introduce in the apartment when tucker came to pick drew up. And yes a couple ppl did bring to tour attention that it was mentioned at the strip club. But what everyone seems to have missed was after Tucker fucked Dan over and Tucker called Dan and dans rejected the call he called drew. And if u pay close attention to that scence Laura in the back ground opens a breif case and the controllers are safely tucked into a high tech breif case while she hooks the xbox 369 up!!! Lmao I’m glad I could point this out for you. I have money and it’s not a major problem so email me and tell me how much a pair of those controllers would cost me because I love them. Jst let me know


  14. yes it made it in and you should definitely find someone to mass produce these. i know 10 friends who would buy them now. the controllers are awesome

  15. Alright prices buddy? Cuz you got people who want it and people who want it will shell out the money to get them.

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