8 thoughts on “I joined Twitter, so the world is now at peace”

  1. If you ramble as much as you do in real life on twitter I am sure the servers will crazy from bad puns and movie quotes.

  2. NOOOO!!! Another prominent member of the online community falls prey to that damned bird!

  3. I hope you’re happy people. Twitter is a site of bullplop, and ingenuity(annoyance). You know, when this precious site(twitter), it was so lame. Then, lotsa people start using these “Buttons” that said, follow this guy on twitter. Thus, twiiter gets its popularity, by stup0id peope. REALLY, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO CLICK THAT BUTTON?!?! I thought people hate clicking buttons. GOM111!. Now it’s well known just like Myspace and Facebook, and believe me, that sounds stupid, not to you “Normal” people in Real Life(who avoids being a nerd at all cost, common in highschool. if not, then you have no friends and you exagerrate 24/7), but to us true “nerds”, who brought emulators, hacks, gadget hackering, jailbreaking iphones, for us only. But then we decided to share it to people like blondes, jocks, wannabe rappers, emu-birds, preps, non-nerds, you, highschoolers, people who wear oversize clothes in a californian highschool(ex. Capuchino Highschool) because they are REALLY(in fact) losers(or REALLY in fact Psychos) and popular kids for no reasons(unless they are really desperate for social contact, but really, why them? they are dumb(except if they are not trying to act tough, then that’s fine because that’s not annoying), and they are not ninjas)(parenthesis surfaced). That maybe fine, because we can save their lives by converting them into nerds, like us. But no, the number of outcome isn’t giving us more refugees. IT’S NOT WROTH SHARING ARE LIGHT/DARK INTERNET SECRETS. WE SHOULD STOP IT, AND DEFINE THEM AS A DIFFERENT CLASS(on the internet): Normal(which is us), loser(which is them in real life), and Ninjas(Awesome). Ok, I’ll bring this up later, but I’ll get to the point.
    You, have brought down Ben, like mobs bringing down a statue with ropes and efforts, he hits the grounds, accepts that he’ll join twitter, and crumbles out of joinging twitter. YOU WILL PAY THE PRICE, by not having our unparralell vast internet knowledge! Who’s with me? Anyone, what’s up with the bird? There are some birds that are awesome, but the twitter is stupid. Why is it blue? I HATE BLUE. You know what’s blue? Myspace, Facebook, This site(not in a bad way, but still the information here is cool, therefore I will not muddy its water later on), social sites, Oh god, No wonder social sites sucks! People, please start being Wolves or ninjas(attempt), not sheeps! Listen to rock music in Cap High! Red is cooler and deadlier than red! Otherwise, you should be ashamed of getting ben to join your FADS! I just hope the consequence won’t be dire. BECAREFUL EVERYONE, Ninjas are watching you!

  4. I’m not really sure what that last guy means. I just figured Twitter would be interesting for people to keep track of what I’m working on since I only put major updates on this site.

  5. My only concern is that you may start using Twitter as a replacement for posting stuff here. Another site I visit used to be updated ona weekly or twice weekly basis, then the guy cut back and back and then setup a form where he posted. Went from 5 or so posts a month to 2 if we are lucky.

  6. That was some pretty epic trollage going on up there 😐
    I agree with Nightwheel though, twitter is perfectly suited to this sort of thing and I’m glad Ben is using it. Wil be interesting to see what sort of timescale the projects are done on actually since you can’t get a sense of scale from the blog.
    And T2Steve – I wouldn’t worry about that – if Ben starts doing projects that he can write up in 140 characters the universe will probably come to an end anyway.

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