Xbox 360 Controller Monitor (Rev 2)

Controller Monitor Rev 2

I have completed a new style of my Xbox 360 Controller monitor, which now includes indicators for the analog sticks, providing even more data for playtesting.

Currently these controllers are being used for playtesting on Modern Warfare 2, the new Wolfenstien game’s multiplayer, and this particular prototype for Mass Effect 2.

For more information, videos and to order one for your own company’s playtesting please visit the product page. I plan to do a run of these if there is sufficient interest.

11 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Controller Monitor (Rev 2)”

  1. The video is very professional. 🙂 sounds like you want to laugh from the overly pleasant tone. lol

  2. Yeah really! No fooling around, scrap and beer everywhere…. You’re becoming quite the businessman! Engadget-ed as always!

  3. Ben,

    In your earlier post you showed pics of how the controller connects to the leds, but do you have any pics of how you connected the wires to the buttons inside the controller in the first place?

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