I want NES-on-a-chips! You can guess why… ;)

Based off the response to my NES Micro, and the interest of old Nintendo consoles in general, I’d really like to make sort of cartridge-based NES portable to sell in the near future. Consider it a “sequel” endeavor to my Atari Phoenix earlier this year.

The basic idea is to make a “TV games” version, with built-in controls and battery but no screen. (Hooks to TV) This would keep the price down. Then I’d offer a “screen module add-on” that can be plugged into it to create a fully portable device. This module could also be used with future portables I build, thus keeping their cost down as well. Since the LCD display is always at least 50% of the cost when I build these things it’d be a big help if “one screen fits all”.

The big thing holding me up is finding the NES-on-a-chip (NOAC) to use. Many existing “TV games” units use these (which is why the “emulation” of their old games isn’t always accurate) but those are always non-reusable “glop top” versions.

However there’s a Novatek version called the NT6578, plus a Sino Wealth model called the SH6578. Both are the more typical, surface-mount style IC’s that would be easier to work with. They appear to be discontinued but there’s got to be some overstock floating around someplace. If I can find some I plan to design custom PCB’s around them for the portable.

If anyone has information on where to find a good supply (50-100 units) of these IC’s at a reasonable price, please let me know. A finder’s fee, likely consisting of a free prototype unit if the project comes to fruition, is definitely in the cards.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve been searching for the same chips. Please contact me and we can share our findings.

    Thank you.

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