Latest “Future of Videogaming” Article now up!

Mystically like clockwork I write up a “Future of Videogaming” article every 2 years around December. So now the time has come again! What’s even better is for this installment we’ve actually got a crop of next generation systems on the way and the XBox 360 is already here. Plus I’m handing out some candid “awards” for all the new systems, just for fun.

Click here to read the full, somewhat unbiased article. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Latest “Future of Videogaming” Article now up!”

  1. Uhm… how do I see these articles. These meant a lot to me. I’ve looked at them dozens of times on your, now gone, old site. I wish to cite them as a source once again.

  2. Right click the link above that doesn’t work. Open a new tab in your browser and paste the link, then edit out the following parts: “file:///C:/” and “%202.0” then hit enter and it’ll come up, albeit in ugly benheck 1.0 formatting.

    Enjoy, and Ben Heckendorn, fix your links!!!!

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