If I only had a Wii… – Updated

I’ve yet to even PLAY one (why aren’t there any store kiosks near me???) but it seems to me the Wii would be a super easy system to make into a laptop-type device. I mean, people have been using CANDLES to replace the sensor bar for crying out loud! Also it’s thin, small, runs off – I’m assuming – only slightly more power than a Gamecube and probably doesn’t need tons of cooling. And unlike the Gamecube the Wii doesn’t seem to have a stupidly thick disc drive assembly.

Since I refuse to pay the still-bloated eBay prices, I’m wondering if anyone out there with a Wii would like to have this done to theirs. Or perhaps you have a Wii, aren’t terribly attached to it, and would sell it “for the cause” I know people are mostly asking me about about Xbox 360 laptops but I always like to try new things. (except sushi)

Interested? Email me… Together, Wii can make a difference!

NOTE: Regarding the Wii hack/request, I now have a candidate and thus “the polls are closed”. So I’ll hack the sucker up and we’ll see what becomes of it, and possibly go from there for other people. Thanks for all the requests! Fear not, I shall do my best to make it cool! While it seems I may be showing my cards for future projects, I still have one in the works nobody’s gonna see coming!

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