Single-handed Xbox 360 controller

I’ve built a wireless Xbox 360 controller that can be used with 1 hand:

My one-handed Xbox 360 controller

I built this by request for a serviceman injured in Iraq. It’s a left-handed version which works by setting it on your knee. Thus, tilting the controller against your leg acts as the right analog stick, which was the trickiest part of the controller to replicate. Most of the buttons are on the back and are pushed with your middle and ring fingers. For more pictures of the controls, guts and the story of how I put this together click the link below.

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Single-handed Xbox 360 Controller


3 thoughts on “Single-handed Xbox 360 controller”

  1. I have contacted you several times about this controller asking how to get one and you sent a response back about a one-handed Xbox 360 controller that wasn’t this one, you referred to the access controller which wasn’t what I wanted. I have a benefit this weekend raising money for me to get things like this so I can get my life back. I would appreciate it if you would make this single handed 360 controller for me and let me know how to go about buying it from you. Thank you.

  2. I have a pretty large penis, and I think it might get in the way when I use it, can you make one, large-penis compatible?

  3. I just think this is really cool. It has an interesting design to it, and I think that you could actually market this in game stores or the military exchange store; AAFES.

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