Interview with GamePro

Here’s another interview, since I guess my readers like knowing about them:

GamePro Interview

It includes the not-often-told connection my first portable had with me seeing “The Green Mile”. In future interview news, a spot on MTV’s Gametrailers is coming next week (probably Tuesday the 22nd) and a Spike TV segment for GameHead on June 8th. I’ll keep you posted.

4 thoughts on “Interview with GamePro”

  1. Dude!!!!
    I’m writinhg you from Brazil, so forgive my errors in english gramatical.
    I’m 25 years old and since i discovered your site, i decide to mod my pc and that’s what i am doind now.
    I built a baybuss with 4 controlers os fan speed and light potencial.
    I’m be inspired in your inventions and construing my own case for pc.
    It will looks like a executive bag.
    But, i need more financial suport for this project…
    Anyway… i wish you good look in your future projects and i hope learn more about electronics with your inventions.
    Thank you for the inspiration and ideas.

  2. Goodness. Gamepro. We’re really stepping up in the world, eh?

    Maybe next month you’ll be interviewed by Tip’s and Tricks magazine.

    Let us know when EGM calls.

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