iPowerWeb is such a nice web service!

You’ve probably heard of I Robot the iMac and I Heart Huckabees, but what about iPowerWeb?

Well, they’re my Internet Site Provider and they’re pretty cool! See, last week when this site got Slashdotted a whole mess of people checked my site out and it put quite a strain on it. Thankfully iPowerWeb was there to help keep the site on its feet (after a brief hiccup when it went down) allowing it to stay online and not become a “dot com” casuality.

So if you’re hankering for a spread to plunk down your website on, why not check them out?

In other news, the PS2p has been spoken for, so yeah, consider it sold. I’m not building anymore but as previously stated I do have a book coming out (see link below) that allows you to build you own portables, even if you don’t have access to fancy-schmancy CNC machines!

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