PS2p Arrives

It’s finally done – my Playstation 2 Portable!

Right-click to download really hi-res version of this

Yes, that’s right – a self-contained Lithium-Ion battery powered PS2 portable that takes all the original PS2 games and has built-in controls with a 5″ screen and stereo speakers. (And don’t worry – there’s a blue “power on” LED as well)

Last month I started working on this, realizing it would probably be the most complex unit I’ve made yet. And I was right, it took over a month to build! (It’s normally about 2 weeks) This is a one-of-a-kind unit, and due to the difficulty (and other pressing engagements) it’s the only one I’m going to build.

 For the whole story, including never-before-seen photos of the system’s guts (and my excessive use of hot glue) check out the PS2 Story pages!

Hey, guess what? I’ve written an entire BOOK about portables that allows you to assembly your very own! It’s coming out early next year, but in the meantime here’s a link to check out! Stay tuned for all the pulse-pounding details!

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  3. This is S.I.C.K.

    btw what kind of battery is used and does’n it weight (the whole thing)

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