January 25th, 2001

We’ve (sort of) got a new look! I thought the site’s home page needed to be updated somewhat to accommodate more for the ‘news’ aspect of things. Now, the news you need is right near the top! And check out those cool buttons to the right! I did them myself! (In my other life I’m a graphic artist you know) I think they look more professional than the old ones (and they load slightly faster as well).

I’ve created a new section “VCSp Models”. It discuss the current revisions of portables I’m working on. Revision 1 being the original VCSp, Rev 2 being the blue one I’m going to sell (see below), and Rev 3 being the next version, hopefully smaller, faster, cheaper. The super-entertaining story behind the first VCSp can be found there, as well as lots of details on the new models.

The Vagabond section is the same as before… I’m still working on it, but it has taken a backseat to (Not-so) Secret Project X, which is my plan to mass-produce VCSp’s. I think people will agree with my priorities on this one. The Vagabond will be cool, but it will only benefit me. If I can make lots of VCSp’s, that will benefit other Atari lovers. So for now that’s my main goal.

A word of clarification on the unit types. The Vagabond is a much smaller type of Atari portable. It has a bigger screen, however. Also, it uses the newer Atari 2600 Junior board inside. It runs off rechargeable batteries similar to a digital camera. It’s functioning but the casing is not finished yet.

‘VCSp’ refers to the original portable I built, and the newer ones that I am trying to mass-produce. These are easier to build since they aren’t as small and compact as the Vagabond.

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