Last week I mentioned something I was working on called ‘Secret Project X’. Now, it is finished:

As you can see, it is another Atari 2600 VCSp. It’s not quite done, another day or two… still needs a few things. This is part of a process I am working on to simplify construction so I can build these things in a short amount of time. Most of the changes are internal, and they help a lot. I came across a new type of material called “Densitec” which is a type of plastic. Naturally, the first thing I thought of was Ataris, so I did some tests. The Densitec can be routed very quickly, almost twice as fast as I was able to rout the case for the original VCSp, and it is much stronger. Also you can see it has a nice ‘texture’ to it, like an Atari. The sample material I had to work with was BLUE, hence the color of this case. I can order this material in BLACK, but since it’s kinda spendy (have to order a certain amount at a time) I want to see how things go first.

By ‘how things go’ I mean the sale of this unit. That’s correct, this unit is FOR SALE. It was built with one thing in mind – to be sold to some lucky Atari enthusiast. It will probably go on eBay in a few weeks. And then, if I find interest to be strong enough, I will order additional material and start building even MORE of them. And then they will be colored black, don’t worry!

This is Phase 1 of a plan that I have for bringing these portables to the masses. I welcome any suggestions or questions you might have, so please email them here.

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