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Hello there portable fans! Just wanted to drop by and post an update on the status of things…

I’m currently editing my book, going over and making changes so it’s ready to go. This will take me most of October (which is why updates here will be a bit light during this time) but I am going to cut some parts for a few more CNC Playstation portables and some SNES’s as seen on the Project 42 page. A lot of people are interested in these so I thought making a few extra might not be a bad idea.

That new small PS2 has come out, though I guess only a few are being shipped to every store. Fear not, I shall get my hands on one ASAP and tear it apart. (My intentions should be apparent) Hopefully in November I can find the time to maybe build a portable from a system I’ve never used before, and maybe even finish the technical stuff on my Port Washington movie.

It may be a few weeks before my next update but I hope to have more cool news soon!

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