The final Project 42 portable is… an Atari!

Shocking, eh? Using CNC machinery (specifically, a 60-watt laser engraver) I have constructed this:

The last one for the book... how bittersweet

Don’t bother rubbing your eyes – that IS a Playstation Dual Shock analog stick. Hey, it’s a joystick isn’t it? Just like the ye olde days of lore! And that wacky-looking gear-ish thing below it is the custom paddle knob. The other buttons are custom as well and painted red. And of course there’s the obligatory woodgrain. I figured, if I’m gonna CNC this thing I should just go for it and make EVERYTHING custom. So I did!

When my book comes out early next year you can learn how to build one of these for yourself! In the meantime, check out portable #8 on the Project 42 page for more specs, pics and details.

In other news, that new slim PS2 is coming out soon. Could it possibly run off 7.5 volts like the PSone did? If so,  I wonder what could be done with it?…

To Be Continued!

One thought on “The final Project 42 portable is… an Atari!”

  1. I would love to see you playing this portable at the coffee shop. people would be what the ?? then say that is so cool! lol

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