Latest Updates – PW

Hope you’re all enjoying Port Washington, and if not, hopefully it didn’t take too long to download 😉

I’m working on a DVD of it using Wisconsin’s own Sony Pictures Digital’s DVD Architect, a full featured program with a lot of powerful features. This will allow the DVD of the movie to include:

  • 2 different audio commentaries
  • Behind the scenes text commentary
  • Bonus features including deleted scenes, chromakey footage montage, bloopers/outtakes and a production log
  • Animated motion menus and transitions

Look for this to become available in the coming weeks. I’m also using their software to create a full-frame, high-quality PSP version of the film (Port Washington Portable) which I hope to have available for download by April 21st.

There are a few backburner videogame projects in the works as well, I’ll get back to those after I get these last few movie-related things out of the way.

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