Midwest Gaming Classic – The week after

Myself, an Xbox 360 laptop, and a bunch of free donut holes.

It was a fun show! Stan Miller did a piece for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and our booth was mentioned, you can check it out using this link.

I’d like to thank all our forum members for coming along, manning the booth and helping visitors with their questions. We even fixed some stuff for people, which I should have advertised ahead of time.

In other news, I have a new model Xbox 360 Controller Monitor finished and will be showing that on the site soon, stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Midwest Gaming Classic – The week after”

  1. I was wondering if the ben heck team was ever coming to the east coast for any shows/conventions of any kind.

  2. i will fit at home there, all the systems i can see, except for your 360p, are all macs =D

    2 mac pros, and a macbook behind your donut holes, the row behind that, from what i can see, a iMac, 1st gen on the left, and i cant really make out the other 2 on the right…

    But hope you had fun there…

  3. Great pic with the 360p – you should ad a pic like this to your project pages, it gives a great point of reference to the actual size of the device. I had pictured it as being smaller than what it appears in this picture. Very cool looking unit.

  4. Those are old G4 Power Macs back there. They predate the name Mac Pro, and look to be the old single 450 – 800Mhz G4’s. What in the world were they doing there I wonder? I’d love to hear the story behind those.

  5. Those are actually G3 Power Macs. No more than 450 mhz G3.

    I also would like to hear about them.

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