Movie Prediction Madness: June 18th-20th

Toy Story 3 – well over $100 million.

Jonah Hex – bomb / continued end to Megan Fox’s career.

Karate Kid will continue to perform well.

That is all! Greeting from LA.

9 thoughts on “Movie Prediction Madness: June 18th-20th”

  1. hey did you know that forza 4 will support the kinect but its not needed.

  2. Hey, this one is pretty accurate. Toy story 3 went over 100 mil and the Karate Kid is still in second place. Meanwhile, Jonah Hex made something like 5 mil.

  3. Yeah my batting average hasn’t been very good. I see a celebrity (Cameron Diaz) is FINALLY doing a benefit for the Gulf, but probably only because she has a movie coming out next week.

    Last Airbender is going to f’ing tank, I’ll tell you that now.

  4. the people on the gulf don’t need a handout, they want your business. go there and buy stuff, eat food.

  5. I just Toy Story 3 and it was pretty good, but the funniest thing is that apparently they are making a Smurf movie that is similar in style to Alvin & the Chipmunks. When the audience saw the smurfs for the first time in the trailer, damn near the entire theatre groaned, and it was funny, people actually making nasty comments about it, like some kid (17-20) next to me.

    Me: I wish they’d stop raping my childhood.
    Him: I don’t mind the rape. I just wish they’d use some lube.

    lol. hollywood hasn’t had an original idea in years. I wonder if they’ll ever run out of 80s content to crap on?

  6. Toy Story 3 deserves to be well over $100 million. the movie was great for kids and adults alike. And, I agree with the comment above theat the people of the gulf need your business.

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