Wanted – Xbox 360 Slim (Found!)

Argh! They’re just taunting me with all the 360 Slims sitting around doing nothing! Unfair! Cruel!

I know what you’re thinking. “Why didn’t you buy one already? Didn’t you get a PS3 Slim before Best Buy even put them out on the floor?” Yes, true. But ironically, I was at E3 all last week and by time I got home, they were sold out.  Security at E3 let me pick one up and look at the bottom, but that was about it.

So now I’m looking for one, very interested in analyzing it to see if I can make a cheaper / better Xbox 360 laptop, or Pelican unit for use by troops overseas.

Thanks to Bradley Metrock for digging one up for me! He’ll have first crack at whatever I build with it…. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Wanted – Xbox 360 Slim (Found!)”

  1. I assume you’ll document it with photographs and whatnot? I hope so. I’m very curious as to the insides of those new ones.

  2. You should find it easier to make a laptop with the slim, even if its only because the GPU/CPU are one unit in this 360 and much easier to cool down (iirc).

    It also has SATA ports for the HDD on the motherboard, so you don’t need to make that custom cable thing again, plus inbuilt WiFi is always nice. (This is going off a shot of the board I saw which *might* of been something else, definitely looked like the Slim though)

  3. check out xbox-scene.org for all of you who are interested in 360 slim tear down pics.

  4. Huh. They built a whole new unit and the disc is still scratching and the console is still overheating??

  5. @Ryan Yea because we all know flipping your freaking hardware around while a disc is turning WON’T scratch it, right? And the only instance of overheating I have heard of is the kid who covered his vents for the purpose of taking pictures of the new setup.

  6. Ryan, the console ONLY overheats if you’ve gone and covered the vents or put it somewhere REALLY small (As far as I can see) but considering the disc scratching can be fixed by a small block of foam..No excuse MS.

  7. actually, the system dies really easily, with only a red light showing on the power button. mine died yesterday, took it back to bestbuy, they’ve had over a dozen returns with the same.

  8. That looks sooooo sweet, should totally get it. i have like the mid-generation ones and seems to run normal.. but then i dont play them that often though

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