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  1. good podcast guys. i am always watching stuff like this on the history channel. i will have to rent that mothman movie. thanks for the distraction from not playing xbox 360

  2. Interesting podcast. I am always interested in other peoples vies on these subjects. On the subject of ghosts I think that we all have a soul. And those souls are made up of energy, hence why the soul is forever because energy never goes away it just changes form. So when something traumatic happens over and over again like it does in a hospital I personally believe that part of that energy being released can be left behind after the soul has departed. I also believe that the human mind is more powerful then we understand at present. So a few theories I have on that is when we enter these places that have been whiteness to these traumatic events I wonder if our minds can’t somehow be influenced to see the imagines that some have see by the residual energy that was left behind. However I don’t believe that the person is still around but rather just an echo of that person. Another theory is that there is nothing there at all and our mind creates something because we have been told it was a haunted place.

    I also believe that there is life out in the stars beyond our planet. The possibility is not if, but where it exists. However I am not convinced that life from other planets have visited ours. With technology as advanced to propel them though the cosmos I would doubt they even need to enter our atmosphere to get a really good look at us if they wanted to. The bacteria and viruses we have on this planet would make any advanced alien culture hesitate before making physical contact with us. Just as it would us if we where traveling through the stars.

    I could be wrong. But hey keep it up. I love a good conversation about these topics.

  3. Hey guys! (Long time listener, first time caller.) As always, a delightful time-waster. I’m something of an amateur anthropologist, and so I’ve got a few tidbits that might be of interest to Jones – who said he was an ancient Egypt enthusiast. First off, the question of where the stones used to make the pyramids was solved in the early 90s. True, for centuries it was thought that the nearest acceptable quarry from which to make stones of that size and composition was several miles down the Nile, and that each block would have to be carried via boat. (I actually remember a diagram explaining this in an elementary school textbook). BUT, up until about the height of the Roman Empire, a good portion of what we now know as the Sahara dessert was, in fact, tropical; its rapid conversion to barren wasteland (for which I, personally, blame Walmart) basically opened up wind patterns that covered over a large part of eastern Africa with ~10-20 feet of sand. So, it’s perhaps excusable that we missed the quarries for the great pyramids – located merely ~100 meters or so away from their base – in our searches: they were under many, many feet of densely packed sand. About 20 years ago or so, now, a couple of archaeologists discovered them, though – *vast* excavation sites where the tons of stone were systematically carved out to make the pyramids.

    Still impressive is that these stones were probably rolled from the quarries to the building site on lines of logs – acting like the frictionless cylinder-bearings you put your used lunch tray on when you bus it at a public cafeteria. The Egyptians of that era, after all, had no wheel. Or the number 0.

    A second note – about the parallels between ancient South American and North African pyramid building. These aren’t the only cultures who did this: Sumer had its Ziggurats, and the West African dynasties did the same, and there are rarer (but still obserable) examples from China and India. Anthropologists note, though, that this is (as Ben said), partially motivated by the simplicity of design, but moreover because of the common philosophy which tied the structure to its culture. After all – what do all of these ancient cultures have in common? (Beside the obvious alien contacts, that is…). The culture *itself* is pyramidal: you’ve got a single god-ruler at its top, a smaller cadre of advisers/viziers below that, then a slightly larger clergy class, a yet larger gentry class, merchants, peddlers, laborers, slaves, etc.. Right on down the line. These structures weren’t just meant as tombs or places of sacrifice and worship, but a monument by which the entire culture is tied together. It’s a unifier which sits at the center of the city and – owing to its ridiculous size – reminds everyone of his/her place in the larger whole at every glance.

    It should also be noted that the great pyramidal cultures which followed (Greece, Rome, Nintendo-nee’-Japan) were willing to sacrifice the awesome power of the architectural symbol for the greater simplicity of execution behind their monuments. Also, they were probably more content in using “whipping” as a way of asserting the upper castes’ dominance over their minions. A practice still held today at Nintendo.

    Cheers, sheq.

  4. Heres a winning formula I’ve developed that if implimented into podcast form it has the potential to take over the world.

    1) Wii bash.
    2) Say “I’m Andrew Ryan”, “NICE!”, “I’LL TAKE THAT”, “Get in there”, “Bruce Campbell” and “Wisconsin” as much as possible.
    3) Discuss food, Again.
    4) Let Dale speak about the Evil Dead series for a few hours.
    5) Make pop culture references.
    6) Beef Jerky/Stew.
    7) VAMPIRES.
    8) Discuss Die Hard at length.
    9) Shia Labeouf >:0.
    10) Temple of Doom.

  5. Great podcast! I have been a big fan since the beginning.

    On being “haunted” by a song or thinking of a song and then hearing it, I have had that thing many times before. Here’s my story:

    In July of 2007, I awakened from my bed and was thinking that I wanted to hear the song “Don’t You Forget About Me” by Simple Minds. I turned on the radio next to my bed, and then guess what song was on! Don’t You Forget About Me! I thought this was just pure coincidence. I also had this on CD, which I mixed myself, and I pressed the “random” button on my CD player, and it happened again. I then went on a vacation to Wisconsin (Benheck anyone?), and three times on the way to Wisconsin, I did the random thing on my CD player, and it happened again!! I then went into a sportsman store (I can’t think of the name) and then I heard that song again. After the vacation was over, I then heard Don’t You Forget About Me four more times in just a random pattern. I like Don’t You Forget About Me very much, and it reminds me of my deceased granny. I think she might of been trying to say that she is in a better place, and that I shouldn’t forget about her!

    As for Ouija boards and that stuff, they are of the DEVIL! Never mess with them, because they will ruin your life!


  6. Best intro ever! Great job guys. Seriously, nice work!

    Now, onto the rest of the podcast…

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