N64 Portable (AKA the DS with bigger cartridges)

I finally broke down and ripped up my old N64. Over one month later…

Click for story and more pics!

…out comes this thing, with 5″ screen, stereo speakers and lots of battery power. For the full story (along with the obligatory “N64p -VS- Nintendo DS” article) click the above photo or right here.

As for selling it, this unit has already been spoken for. But maybe if I get emailed enough I would consider making a case kit… (You’d be on your own for stuffing it, though)

And don’t worry, I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve to show you soon, even if I am wearing a T-shirt! Stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “N64 Portable (AKA the DS with bigger cartridges)”

  1. HEY! i have been observing how you made the nintendo 64 portable. and to tell you the truth, it seems extremely hard to make! i wanted to know if you could sell it to me. and if its possible then i would like to know, how much would it cost? I know you said that if you got a lot of comments about it then you would make a case kit for it and even if im the only one commenting about witch i doubt i am i want you to know that i dont need the case kit even if you have one already

  2. dude!!! that thing is awesome!!!!! i want one so bad, but because i am useless when it comes to building anything more complicated to lego, i really wonder how i could build one from scratch. so i was wondering if you could make a case kit for it???

  3. ill buy this for over a thousand dollars.its worth it.pleez leave a message

  4. Hey, Ben…

    This looks like a really complicated mod!! I built one of those nintendo screwdrivers out of a pen and a lighter and opend up my old n64. I wanted to know if I could buy a case kit from you and maybe some instructions. Also, what kind of batteries/ charger did you use?? other people make these WAY bulkier! Not to mention the crappy batteries they put in them! Like you, I love to bring new life to old games… And Man, did I love the ’64! I think I might also like to take a crack at the PSone. That’d be way easier considering it has phillips- head screws. e-Mail me w/ an answer!!! Thanks in advance!

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