Huh? An Atari 2600 / PS2 Combo Unit? WHY???

Ha! I bet you never thought I’d make THIS!

Yes, it's true.   

Yes, it’s a one-of-a-kind combo Atari 2600 and Playstation 2 system – a perfect conversation piece for your home entertainment center! Note the PS2 disc tray in the lower right corner of the vintage Atari case. The old silver switches control both the Atari and the PS2 (power on, disc eject etc)

Grand Theft Auto and Pac-Man… together at last!

As per usual I’ve prepared a “Making Of” page for this thing that also explains WHY I made it! (the real question on people’s minds!) Click here to check it out, and enjoy!

In other news I’m probably gonna take a short break from portables for a while… I’ve been working on them non-stop since last May and need a breather. Of course kits for my book will still be available, and I’ll update the site with tidbits as well.

And don’t worry – while I’m taking a break I’ll be hatching up NEW schemes and things!

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